Workshop B:

Advanced Lymphatics

To become aware of the importance of lymphatic treatment on the intrinsic aspects of the individual (Dr. Still and Dr. Miller)

Pierrette Cyr DO,  Can

Pierrette Cyr has been a teacher at the CEO Collège d‘Etudes Osteopathique Montreal and affiliated colleges for the past 22 years.

She teaches according to the three-dimensional vision of man: Heart, Body and Spirit, respecting the basis of the thoughts of the founders of Osteopathy.

Academic profile:

She graduated from the University of Montreal in Physiotherapy  in 1977.

She obtained a Master’s Degree in Atlanta at Emory University in Orthopedics and Manual

Therapies in 1982

Pierrette graduated from the CEO in 1992, her thesis title was “Ostéopathie Chemin de Vie” (Osteopathy the path of life).

Pierrette teaches Lungs, Lymphatics and Advanced Palpation courses.

Other training programs and learning skills :

Chikly Health Institute (Dr. Bruno Chikly) at the Upledger Institute USA (2009)

Lymph drainage therapy level 1, 2 and 3, Applications to viscera 1 (LDV1), Pathological pathways and

Thorax, abdomen and pelvis


Obtain more tools to face different pathologies in your clinic:

  1. -chronic cases: fibromyalgia, etc.

  2. -acute cases: pre-post surgery, orthopedic, neurologic


Anatomy of the Lymphatic and circulatory respiratory approach according to Dr. ZInk

Deepening knowledge:

  1. -Treatment protocols and approaches

  2. -More specific and targeted approaches

  3. -Data sheets on various protocols such as ENT, Abdomen, etc.

Recommended for: Osteopaths

Cost:    CHF 840.00

         Lunch, Coffee break and BBQ are included

Location: SICO Swiss International College of Osteopathy Zinnenstrasse 7, 6353 Hertenstein

Time:      2. September: 9am – 5.30pm

               3. September: 9am – 5.30pm

            4. September: 9am – 5.30pm

            5. September: 9am – 4pm

Inscription:  e-mail:
                     phone: + 41 41 390 11 82